IOES Monographs Series - 2013

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IOES Monographs Series - 2013

IOES Monograph Series 15: Taxonomy of Southeast Asian Seaweeds II 
ISBN: 978-983-100-687-0, 241 pages, 
Price: RM80 (Soft cover)RM100 (Hard cover)

This monograph represents the proceedings of the Second Taxonomy of Southeast Asian Seaweed Workshop held at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, April 2010. The monograph contains 12 chapters describing selected genera of the Cholorophyta (Halimeda), Rhodophyta (kappaphycus, Gracilaria, Gracilariocolox, Gelidiales) and the Phaeophyta (Padina, Sargassum) from the Southeast Asian region.

IOES Monograph Series 12: Sama Celebrations Ritual, Music and Dance of Sama Dilaut and Sama Bajau in Southern Philippines and North Borneo [IOES 2013] 
ISBN: 978-983-100-718-1, 154 pages 
Price: RM50 (Soft cover)RM80 (Hard cover)

Sama identity, as the chapters in this volume indicate, is University of Malaya closely linked with artistic expressions. It appears that among the most salient these expressions in terms of creating and transmitting identity are music and dance. Along with other elements of ritual in which they are embedded, these traditional forms constitute veritable sources of collective memory, conceptions of their cosmos, and by way of practice and belief considered to be indispensable media for encounters with the spirit world, most importantly their omboh or ancestors who believed to be constantly looking over their welfare.

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