IOES Monographs Series - 2010

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IOES Monographs Series - 2010

________________________ Malaysian Journal of Science Vol. 29 (SESMA Special Issue). February 2010.
Scientific Expedition to the Seas of Malaysia

ISSN: 1394-3065, 130 pages
Price: RM80 (Soft cover)

This special issue is a contribution of fifteen papers on Bachok’s coastal environment. Preliminary studies encompassing physical features, water quality, plankton, flora and fauna have surfaced new information which hopefully will spur further investigations and contribute to the conservation of the natural beauty of the coastal environment.
________________________ IOES Monograph Series 11: The South China Sea: Sustaining ocean productivities, maritime communities and the climate [IOES 2010]
ISSN: 978-967-5148-88-0, 185 pages
Price: RM30 (Soft cover)RM70 (Hard cover)

A Conference for regional research cooperation in ocean and earth sciences for the South China Sea (SCS) was held from 25 until 29 November 2008 at Hyatt Hotal , Kuantan, Pahang. The conference was jointly organized by NOD, MOSTI, IOES, UM, MSMS. The conference was divided eight scientific sessions with areas in:
IA – Marine Biology
IB – Marine Biodiversity
IIA – Maritime Societies and Cultures
IIB – Fisheries 
III – Safety of Navigation, Maritime Security and Marine Pollution Co-operation in the South China Sea
IV – Geology and Geological Resources
V – Education, Awareness and Community Development in Coastal Ecosystems
VI – Ocean – Earth – Atmospheric Interactions and Climate Change
VII – Eco-engineering Technologies for Coastal Protection.
The paper presented at the conference were in the journal of Science and Technology in the Tropics
________________________ IOES Monograph Series 13: The Development of the Maritime Sector in Malaysia [IOES 2010]
Scientific Expedition to the Seas of Malaysia

ISSN: 978-967-5148-84-2, 119 pages pages
Price: RM80 (Soft cover)RM100 (Hard cover)

Malaysia is the 43rd most populated country and the 66th largest country by total land area in the world, with a population of about 28 million and land area of over 320,000 km2 respectively. The two distinct parts of Malaysia, separated from each other by the South China Sea, share a largely similar landscape in that both West and East Malaysia. Malaysia has strong potential in the global maritime industry. Malaysia depends on the ocean for resources, defense, shipping services, ports, and tourism for facilitating external trade. Malaysia possesses a coastline of 3,400 km and with the declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone has control over the marine resources within 160,000 square nautical miles. The United Nations has declared 1998 as the International Year of the Ocean and yet, few people in Malaysia realized the importance of the sea and its biodiversity and other marine resources. This importance cannot be underestimated for the sea provides variety of resources and industries to Malaysia. Besides, the sea is almost twice the size of the land mass. Trade flows in and out of the country via shipping and commercial activities such as cruise shipping and marine tourism depends upon the attraction of the ocean to draw tourists especially from overseas who bring in much needed foreign exchange. This book represents the views of experts in various field, notably fishery, port and shipping, marine resources and maritime strategic issues. It is hope that this book will serve as material to scholars and researchers interested in the maritime issues in Malaysia exclusively.

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