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Marine Biodiversity and Connectivity Research Unit

The unit for Marine Biodiversity Research Unit is dedicated to understanding and improving the ocean’s productivity and living resources in service of society. Research focuses on the biogeochemistry, productivity, living resources and environment of marine ecosystems from coasts to open seas, and from the sea surface to the seafloor. Culture of marine organisms and their use in biotechnological applications are becoming important areas of research. The unit strongly supports inter-disciplinary research and several on-going researches benefit from the active collaboration within IOES, and between other research institutions.



Marine Biotechnology Research Unit

The Marine Biotechnology Research Unit aims to develop the marine living resources for food security, new products and sustained services through the use of modern, cutting-edge biotechnological approaches.


Air-Ocean-Land Interaction Studies and Climate Change Research Unit

The Air-Ocean-Land Interaction Studies and Climate Change Research Unit is dedicated to the development of observation and simulation technologies for land, ocean and atmospheric systems, and contribute towards acquisition of coastal, oceanic and atmospheric data. The data acquired will be useful for sustaining coastal and oceanic ecosystems, improving the health and productivity of the seas and for understanding and predicting ocean-related climate change. The Centre will be spearheading UM research in the area of climate change and variability due to global warming, including impact of climate change on natural resources and society.


Coastal Processes Studies Research Unit

Research of the CPSCE covers marine geology, coastal geomorphology, coastal and ocean hydrological processes, sea floor imagery, nutrient flux and ecosystem connectivities. Coastal engineering and bioengineering technologies for coastal protection are included.


Marine Culture & Geopolitics Research Unit

Marine Culture & Geopolitics Research Unit focuses on maritime history and culture, socio-economic change and development. It serves to understand the significance of ports, sea-oriented polities, shipping routes as well as international relations pertaining to the sea, as well as research in humanities and social sciences as related to multiple dimensions of the sea as source, object and site of inquiry.


Maritime Law and Policy Research Unit

The Maritime Law and Policy Unit focuses on research on Law of the Sea with emphasis upon the ASEAN region. The current thrust of the Unit is to draw up a national ocean law and policy framework for Malaysia. The Unit also specializes in research in the maritime carriage of goods by sea and in admiralty law.

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