ISI Cited Journal Papers 2019

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ISI Cited Journal Papers 2019





Chang, C.W.J., Hsu, H.H., Cheah, W., Tseng, W.L. & Jiang, L.C. (2019). Madden–Julian Oscillation Enhances Phytoplankton Biomass in the Maritime Continent. Scientific Reports, 9:5421 [Q1, IF: 4.011]



Chin, Y.X., Mi, Y., Cao, W.X., Lim, P.E., Xue, C.H. & Tang, Q.J. (2019). A Pilot Study on Anti-Obesity Mechanisms of Kappaphycus Alvarezii: The Role of Native κ-Carrageenan and the Leftover Sans-Carrageenan Fraction. Nutrients, 11, 1133; doi:10.3390/nu11051133 [Q1, IF: 4.171]



Choe, E.C., Ibrahim, S., Basirun, W.J. (2019). Mesoporous silica from batik sludge impregnated with aluminum hydroxide for the removal of bisphenol A and ibuprofen. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 541:12–17 [Q1, IF: 6.361]



Farren, N.J., Dunmore, R.E., Mead, M.I., Mohd Nadzir, M.S., Abu Samah, A., Phang, S.M., Sturges, W.T. & Hamilton, J.F. (2019). Chemical characterisation of water-soluble Ions in atmospheric particulate matter on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19:1537–1553 [Q1, IF: 5.668]



Ghotli, R.A., Abbasi, M.R., Bagheri, A.H., Abdul Raman, A.A., Ibrahim, S. & Bostanci, H. (2019). Experimental and modeling evaluation of droplet size in immiscible liquid-liquid stirred vessel using various impeller designs. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 100:26–36 [Q1, IF: 3.834]



Hessami, M.J., Phang, S.M., Sohrabipoor, J., Zafar, F.F. & Aslanzadeh, S. (2019). The bio-methane potential of whole plant and solid residues of two species of red seaweeds: Gracilaria manilaensis and Gracilariopsis persica. Algal Research, 42:101581 [Q1, IF: 3.723]



Huang, C.X., Dong, H.C., Lundholm, N., Teng, S.T., Zheng, G.C., Tan, Z.J., Lim, P.T. & Li, Y. (2019). Species composition and toxicity of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia in Taiwan Strait, including P. chiniana sp. nov. and P. qiana sp. nov. Harmful Algae, 84:195–209 [Q1, IF: 5.012]



Ibrahim, S., Choe, E.C. & El-Shafie, A. (2019). Sensitivity analysis of artificial neural networks for just-suspension speed prediction in solid-liquid mixing systems: Performance comparison of MLPNN and RBFNN. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 39:278–291 [Q1, IF: 3.772]



Lim, J.H., Wong, Y.Y., Lee, C.W., Bong, C.W. & Kudo. I. (2019). Long-term comparison of dissolved nitrogen species in tropical estuarine and coastal water systems. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 222:103–111 [Q1, IF: 2.611]



Lim, Y.Y., Lee, W.K., Lim, P.E., Phang, S.M., Leow, A.T.C., Namasivayam, P., Abdullah, J.O. & Ho, C.L. (2019). Expression analysis of potential transcript and protein markers that are related to agar yield and gel strength in Gracilaria changii (Rhodophyta). Algal Research, 41:101532 [Q1, IF: 3.723]



Lim, Z.F., Luo, Z., Lee, L.K., Hii, K.S., Teng, S.T., Chan, L.L., Chomerat, N., Krock, B., Gu, H., Lim, P.T. & Leaw, C.P. (2019). Taxonomy and toxicity of Prorocentrum from Perhentian Islands (Malaysia), with a description of a non-toxigenic species Prorocentrum malayense sp. nov. (Dinophyceae). Harmful Algae, 83:95-108 [Q1, IF: 5.012]



Lye, Y.L., Bong, C.W., Lee, C.W., Zhang, R.J., Zhang, G., Suzuki, S. & Chai, L.C. (2019). Anthropogenic impacts on sulfonamide residues and sulfonamide resistant bacteria and genes in Larut and Sangga Besar River, Perak. Science of the Total Environment, 688:1335–1347 [Q1, IF: 5.589]



Nayaka, R.R., Alengaram, U.J., Jumaat, M.Z., Yusoff, S. & Ganasan, R. (2019). Performance evaluation of masonry grout containing high volume of palm oil industry by-products. Journal of Cleaner Production, 220:1202-1214 [Q1, IF: 6.395]



Vafaeifard, M., Ibrahim, S., Wong, K.T., Pasbakhsh, P., Pichiah, S., Choi, J., Yoon, Y. & Jang, M. (2019). Novel self-assembled 3D flower-like magnesium hydroxide coated granular polyurethane: Implication of its potential application for the removal of heavy metals. Journal of Cleaner Production, 216:495-503 [Q1, IF: 6.395]



Chin, Y.Y., Chu, W.L., Kok, Y.Y., Phang, S.M., Wong, C.Y., Tan, B.K. & Mustafa, E.M. (2019). Sensitivity of selected tropical microalgae isolated from a farmland and a eutrophic lake to atrazine and endosulfan. Journal of Applied Phycology. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10811-019-01800-1 [Q1, IF: 2.635]






Barati, B., Gan, S.Y., Lim, P.E., Beardall, J. & Phang, S.M. (2019). Green algal molecular responses to temperature stress. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 41:26. [Q2, IF: 1.608]



Chen, F., Wu, J., Liu, J., Hu, Y., Chen, X., Lim, P.E., Abdullah, W.M.A., Sjafrie, N.D.M. & Adirianto, B. (2019). Comparison of social-value cognition based on different groups: The case of Pulau Payar in Malaysia and Gili Matra in Indonesia. Ocean and Coastal Management, 173:1–9 [Q2, IF: 2.595]



Chen, J.H., Liu, L., Lim, P.E. & Wei, D. (2019). Effects of sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate (SCBH) on cell growth and fatty acid accumulation of heterotrophic Chlorella protothecoides. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 42(7):1129-1142 [Q2, IF: 2.139]



Du, J., Loh, K.H., Then, A.Y.H., Zheng, X., Peristiwady, T., Idid, M.R. & Alias, M. (2019). First record of the dotted grouper Epinephelus epistictus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1843) (Perciformes, Serranidae) in Malaysia, ZooKeys, 861: 107–118 [Q1, IF: 1.143]



Eamsobhana, P., Yong, H.S., Song, S.L., Gan, X.X., Prasartvit, A. & Tungtrongchitr, A. (2019). Molecular phylogeography and genetic diversity of Angiostrongylus cantonensis and A. malaysiensis (Nematoda: Angiostrongylidae) based on 66- kDa protein gene. Parasitology International, 68:24–30 [Q2, IF: 2.017]



Hii, K.S., Lim, P.T., Kon, N.F., Usup, G., Gu, H. & Leaw, C.P. (2019). Transcriptional and physiological responses to inorganic nutrition in a tropical Pacific strain of Alexandrium minutum: Implications for nutrient uptakes and assimilation. Gene, 711:143950 [Q1, IF: 2.638]



Lim, K.C., Chong, V.C, Lim, P.E., Yurimoto, T. & Loh, K.H. (2019). Feeding ecology of three sympatric species of stingrays on a tropical mudflat. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 99(4):999-1007 [Q1, IF: 1.578]



Lim, Y.K., Keng, F.S.L., Phang, S.M., Sturges, W.T., Malin, G. & Abd Rahman, N. (2019). Effect of irradiance on the emission of short-lived halocarbons from three common tropical marine microalgae. Peer J. 7:e6758 [Q2, IF: 2.353]






C.A. Babu & Sivaprasad, P. (2019). Analysis of the aerosol and the ozone observations at a southwest peninsular coastal station using Microtops sunphotometer. Indian Journal of Physics. 93(6):701-705 [Q3, IF: 1.242]



Hessami, M.J, Cheng, S.F., Ambati, R.R., Yeong, H.Y. & Phang, S.M. (2019). Bioethanol production from agarophyte red seaweed, Gelidium elegans using a novel sample preparation method for analysing bioethanol content by gas chromatography. 3 Biotech, 9:25 [Q3, IF: 1.786]



Kamruzzaman, M., Mouctar, K., Sharma, S. & Osawa, A. (2019). Comparison of biomass and net primary productivity among three species in a subtropical mangrove forest at Manko Wetland, Okinawa, Japan. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 25:100475 [Q3, IF: 1.462]



Li, Y., Zhang, L., Loh, K.H., Feng, J., Zheng, X., Song, P. & Lin, L. (2019). Genetic diversity comparison of Pampus minor between Chinese and Malaysian populations inferred from mtDNA Cytb. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 51(1):149-157 [Q3, IF: 0.790]



Liow, G.R., Lau, W.L.S., Law, I.K., Hii, K.S., Mohammad Noor, N., Leaw, C.P. & Lim, P.T. (2019). Phytoplankton community changes in Kuantan Port (Malaysia), with emphasis on the paralytic-shellfish toxin-producing dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamiyavanichii. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 26:100504 [Q3, IF: 1.462]



Quah, Y., Mohd Ismail, N.I., Ooi, J.L.S., Yang Amri, A., Abd Manan, F., Teh, L.K. Wong, F.C. & Chai, T.T. (2019). Purification and identification of novel cytotoxic oligopeptides from soft coral Sarcophyton glaucum. J Zhejiang Univ-Sci B (Biomed & Biotechnol), 20(1): 59-70 [Q3, IF: 1.879]



Goh, H.C., Wahab, N.F.A., Alias, S.A., Yusof, K. & Md Komaruddin, A.T. (2019). The influence of Malaysia's involvement in Antarctica on the awareness of Antarctica and its values amongst Malaysian citizens in state capital cities. Polar Science, accepted [Q3, IF: 1.190]



Karthikeyan, C., Raj Kumar, T., Pannipara, M., Al-Sehemi, A.G., Senthilkumar, N., Angelaalincy, M.J., Varalakshmi, P., Phang, S.M., Periasamy, V. & Gnana kumar, G. (2019). Ruthenium oxide/tungsten oxide composite nanofibers as anode catalysts for the green energy generation of Chlorella vulgaris mediated biophotovoltaic cells. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, DOI: 10.1002/ep.13262 [Q3, IF: 1.596]



Lai, J.W.S., Lim, P.E., Wong, CY., Phang, S.M. & Beardall, J. (2019). Photosynthetic response and DNA mutation of tropical, temperate and polar Chlorella under short-term UVR stress. Polar Science, accepted [Q3, IF: 1.190]



Phang S.M., Yeong H.Y. & Lim P.E. (2019). The seaweed resources of Malaysia. Botanica Marina, (Accepted 23 January 2019) DOI: 10.1515/bot-2018-0067 [Q3, IF: 0.919]



Yong, H.S., Song, S.L., Eamsobhana, P., Pasartvit, A. & Lim, P.E. (2019). Differential abundance and core members of the bacterial community associated with wild male Zeugodacus cucurbitae fruit flies (Insecta: Tephritidae) from three geographical regions of Southeast Asia. Molecular Biology Reports, pp 1-12 [Q3, IF: 2.107]






Din, S.S., Chew, K.W., Chang, Y.K., Show, P.L., Phang, S.M. & Juan, J.C. (2019). Extraction of agar from Eucheuma cottonii and Gelidium amansii seaweeds with sonication pretreatment using autoclaved method. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. 37(3):871-880 [Q4, IF: 0.741]



Joo, E.C., Chiu, C.O., Yusoff, S. & Mohd, N.S. (2019). Life Cycle Assessment of Waste-to-Energy: Energy Recovery from Wood Waste in Malaysia. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 28(4):1-10 [Q4, IF: 1.186]



Mohamed Azroie, M.A., Lee, C.W. & Bong, C.W. (2019). Analysis of water treatment by Moringa oleifera bioflocculant prepared via supercritical fluid extraction. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 28(4):1-8 [Q4, IF: 1.186]



Yong, W.K., Lim, P.E., Vello, V., Sim, K.S., Abdul Majid, N., Mustafa, E.M., Nik Sulaiman, N.M., Liew, K.E., Chen, B.J.T. & Phang, S.M. (2019). Metabolic and physiological regulation of Chlorella sp. (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) under nitrogen deprivation. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology,37(1):186–198 [Q4, IF: 0.741]



Zu, Y., Sun, S., Zhao, W., Li, P., Liu, B., Yue, F. & Abu Samah, A. (2019). Seasonal characteristics and formation mechanism of the thermohaline structure of mesoscale eddy in the South China Sea. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 38(4):29-38 [Q4, IF: 0.699]



Akhbari, A., Kutty, P.K., Chuen, O.C. & Ibrahim, S. (2019). A study of palm oil mill processing and environmental assessment of palm oil mill effluent treatment. Environmental Engineering Research, In Press [Q4, IF: 1.087]



Mohd. Nadzir, M.S.,  Yusoff, A.H., Robinson, A., Sabuti, A.A., Wallis, B., Che Mohd Zain, C.R., Bolas, C., Mustafa, E.M., Salimun, E., Abd Hamid, H.H., parnikoza, I., Ooi, M., Khan, M.F., Cain, M., Abu Bakar, M.A., Ahmad, M.R., Latif, M.T., Mohd Zainudin, M.H., Abdul Wahab, M.I., Rahman, N., Harris, N., Mohd Ariff, N., Yusop, N., Uning, R., Salleh, S., Chenoli, S., Alias, S.A., Zainudin, S.K., Foong, S.Y., Goh, T.L., Rosenstiel, T., Wan Johari, W.L., Wan Hussin, W.M.R., Cheah, W., Tuah, Z., Abu Samah, A. & Alhasa, K.M. (2019). Isoprene hotspots at the Western Coast of Antarctic Peninsula during MASEC’16. Polar Science. Accepted [Q4, IF: 1.190]


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