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Benico, G.A., Takahashi, K., Lum, W.M., Yniguez, A.T., Azanza, R.V., Leong, S.C.Y., Lim, P.T. & Iwataki, M. (2019). First report of Biecheleriopsis adriatica in Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines and its wide distribution in Southeast Asia and adjacent waters. Philippine Journal of Natural Science, 24:34-41



Lum, W.M., Benico, G., Azanza, R., Furio, E., Lim, P.T., Lim, H.C., Takahashi, K. & Iwataki, M. (2019). Morphology and molecular phylogeny of the harmful raphidophyte Chattonella subsalsa isolated from Bolinao, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Natural Science, 24:50-56

3 Hussin, H. & Baptist, J.J. (2019). Scaping the Bajau through rituals and celebrations in maritime of Malaysia and the Philippines. Borneo Research Journal, Special Issue 2019, 9-25 doc

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