Activities - 2016





17 February 2016

Public Lecture on Monolingual or Dual Language Instruction? Key Issues for Consideration by Associate Professor Dr Roger Barnard (University of Wakaito New Zealand) 

Faculty of Education, UM

15 February 2016

Public Lecture on New Development of Muslims and Status in China  by Prof Dr Thomas W. Simon (Center for Chinese & American Studies Nanjing University) 


20 February 2016

UNESCO World Poetry Day: Reach Out! Melaka Programme 

IPGKL, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Lubuk Redan, Masjid Tanah Melaka.  

26 February 2016

Public Lecture on Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism by dr. Benedict Koehler

Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Istanbul Liberty Network, IDEAS

10 March 2016

Public Lecture on Observation on Modesty in Christianity by Ms. Zohreh Sadatmoosavi 

Public Diplomacy, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

24 March 2016 

Role of Reasoning in Understanding Religion Seminar

Museum of Asian Art,UM & Cultural Centre, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

18 - 20 May 2016

International Festival of Arabic Language University of Malaya

Academy of Islamic Studies,UM, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics,UM.

 28 May 2016

UNESCO Day Celebration (Exhibition)

Ministry of Higher Education, Faculty of Languages & Linguistics,UM, Yayasan FAQEH and Foot and Mouth Painting Artists

23 June 2016

Summer Programme in Understanding Malaysian Culture:  University of Alabama & Global Sports Partners

Museum of Asian Arts, UM, Global Sports Partners

25 June 2016


Global Sports partners & JKKN

28 July 2016

Sambutan Aidilfitri dan Jalinan Mesra bersama Maybank


24 October 2016

Public Lecture on English Medium Instruction Programmes in South East Asia Universities: Where to from here? by Associate professor Dr. Roger Barnard


26 October 2016

Workshop on Preparing for PhD Proposal by Associate Professor Dr. Roger Barnard


26 October 2016

Workshop on Getting Published in Academic Journal by Associate Professor Dr. Roger Barnard


26 November 2016

Forum Awam Tangisan Rohingya Tiada Siapa yang Peduli?