Activities - 2013





16 January 2013

Cultures & Religions by Assoc Prof Dr Raihanah Abdullah (Director, UMCCD)

Drew University, USA

16 January 2013

USA Study Programme on Malaysia: Cultures and Religions

Drew University, USA

2 March 2013

Siri Dialog Ilmu I: Dialog Jual beli Beransur Barat-Melayu-Islam by Dr Nurfadhlina Abd Halim (Lecturer, Mathematics Department, University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT))


12 March 2013

Pengajian Melayu di Eropah: Perubahan & Perkembangan by Prof Dr Arndt Graf (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany)

Academy of Malay Studies, UM

13 March 2013

Dialog Tentang Kebijaksanaan Tempatan: Perubatan Alternatif

Secretariat of Local Knowledge, Universiti Sains Malaysia

18 March 2013

Perkembangan Bahasa Melayu di Eropah by Prof Dr Arndt Graf (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany)

Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah

19 March 2013

Siri Wacana Profesional II – Penyeliaan Kembang Tumbuh: Anjakan kea rah Budaya Komuniti Pembelajaran Professional by Prof Datin Dr Rahimah Hj Ahmad (University of Malaya)

Majlis Pengetua Sekolah Malaysia (MPSM)

20 March 2013

Intercivilisational Dialogue through Higher Education: The Case of Malaysia by Prof Dr Arndt Graf (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany)


22 April 2013

International Humanitarian Law: A Dialogue of Human Rights in Law and Practice by Prof Dr Taslima Monsoor (Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Faculty of Law, UM

21 May 2013

The New Humanism in the 21st Century: The Role of Good Governance & Education in Empowering the Society by HE Irina Bokova (Director-General of UNESCO)

National Commission of UNESCO Malaysia

28 May 2013

Latin America Today: An Emerging Region with Long Civilsiation by Prof Dr Fernando Pedrosa (University of Buenoes Aires, Argentina)


30 May 2013

Siri Wacana Keterlestarian Ilmu II – Faktor dan Indeks Keterlestarian Ilmu by  Dr Shaharir Md Zain (Senior Research Fellow at UMCCD)

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)

6 June 2013

Doing Things with Words: Language in the Service of Dialogue by Prof Dr Samuel Oluoch Imbo (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Hamline University, USA)


8 June 2013

Siri Dialog Ilmu II – Seminar Ethnosains Malayonesia I

Akademi Sains Islam Malaysia (ASASI)

8 July 2013

Dialogue on Transgenderism Malaysia: The Different Perspectives


21 August 2013

Mapping a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Malaysia by Assoc Prof Dr Stefan Bucher (Senior Research Fellow at UMCCD from Germany) and Dr Mohd Aminul Karim (Senior Research Fellow at Asia-Europe Institute)

Asia-Europe Institute, UM

7 September 2013

Siri Dialog Ilmu II: Seminar Ethnosains Malayonesia II

Akademi Sains Islam Malaysia (ASASI)

18 September 2013

Beauty Versus Women: Dialogue on Sociological and Cultural Impact: Camera Eye and Reinforced Patriarchy by Dr Zobaida Akhter (Senior Research Fellow at UMCCD from Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh)

Gender Studies Programme UM

25 September 2013

Muslim as Consumers: Dialogue with Modernity by Prof Dr Karim Douglas Crow (Principal Research Fellow at International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Malaysia)

Academy of Islamic Studies, UM

10 October 2013

Towards Building a Culture of Peace: Significance of Intercultural Dialogue for Youth in conjunction with the Celebration of UNESCO International Peace Day 2013 by Prof Dr Golam Dastagir (Senior Research Fellow at UMCCD from University of Toronto, Canada)

Malaysian Youth Council

17 October 2013

Dialogue and Fellowship in Religious Experience to Promote Harmony of Life by Prof Dr Jose Nandhikkara (Editor in Chief, Journal of Dharma)


7 November 2013

Juvenile Justice System and Wellbeing of the Children by Dr Nahid Ferdousi (Research Fellow at UMCCD from Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh)


21 November 2013

Workshop on Fundamentals of Dialogue

Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN)

7 December 2013

Forum & Exhibition on Youth Interfaith Dialogue: A Youth Discussion on Peace and Harmony

United Religious Initiative (URI), Islamic Information and Services Foundation (IISF), Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church (PJEFC) & Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM)

18 December 2013

UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2013 – Intercivilisational Dialogue & Sustainable Planet

Youth Circle – United Nations Association Malaysia (UNAM)