Activities - 2005

11 January 2005 Fundamental Principles of Civilisation by Prof Dr Ravindra Kumar (Former Vice Chancellor, CSS University, Meerut, India)  
14 January 2005 Islam and the European Concept of Religion by Prof Dr Carl Ernst (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from University of North Carolina, USA)  
16 January 2005 Political & Private Steps for Addressing Widespread, Social and Economic Inequalities by Prof Dr Carol M. Swain (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Vanderbilt University, USA)  
25 February 2005 Dialogue Science, Religion and Development (Paper on Usury and Globalisation The Hidden Nexus) Social and Economic Development (SEDS)
12 March 2005 Workshop Inter-Religious Dialogue in Malaysia: Past Experience and Present Challenges Akademi Kajian Ketamadunan
26 – 27 March 2005 International Seminar Dialogue of Civilisations and The Construction of Peace Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies
4 – 5 May 2005 Dialogue Islamic Studies Curriculum: A New Agenda for the Study of Islam & Muslims Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Abertay, Dundee
24 – 25 May 2005 Dialogue An Intra-Civilisational Dialogue on Islamic Spirituality in the Contemporary World  
17 June 2005 Dialogue Science, Religion and Development (Paper on The Role of Religion and Science in the Development of Moral Education in Malaysia) Social and Economic Development (SEDS)
15 – 16 July 2005 Colloquium Science, Religion and Development Social and Economic Development (SEDS)
24 – 25 July 2005 Seminar The Important of Tasawwuf in the Globalised World  
26 July 2005 Workshop Inter-religious Dialogue on Education of Ethics and Morality in the Context of a Plural Society Akademi Kajian Ketamadunan
29 July 2005 The Contribution of Ibn Arabi to Islamic Civilisational Thought by Dr Eric Winkel (Co-Founder and Associate Director, Bridge Academy Charter School, Las Vegas, New Mexico)  
19 August 2005 Ke Mana Universiti Hendak Ku Bawa (Taking the University by the Hand) by Prof Dato’ Dr Hashim Yaacob (Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya)  
26 August 2005 Seminar Muslim-Chinese Civilisational Dialogue  
16 November 2005 Cleansing Ethnicity: Taking Group Harms Seriously by Prof Dr Thomas W Simon (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Illinois State University)  
5 December 2005 3rd Inter-religious Dialogue Workshop on Relocating Gender and Family ion Malaysian Modern Life Akademi Kajian Ketamadunan