Activities - 2009





11 February 2009

Dialogue on Gap between Islam and West chaired by Mrs Alia Hogben, Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW)


16 February 2009

Dialogue on Inter-religious Civilisation Dialogue with members from the Special Commission for the Rights of Non-Muslims in the National Capitol (SCORNOM), Sudan


20 February 2009

Classification of Knowledge in Islam by Emeritus Prof Datuk Dr Osman Bakar (Senior Research Fellow at UMCCD)


26 – 27 February 2009

Seminar Islam and science in Developing Civilisation

Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (YADIM) & Yayasan Ilmuwan (YI)

17 March 2009

Basic Biomedical Research Drives The Discovery of New Treatments for Human Disease by Prof Dr Howard Robert Horvitz (2002 Nobel Laureate)


1 April 2009

Dialogue on Islam and Gender Relations


23 April 2009

Dialog Kehidupan Dalam Konteks Mualaf Di Sabah: Peranan Mualaf dan Implikasi Dialog by Suraya Sintang (PhD Student at UMCCD)


5 May 2009

The Globalisation of God: Religion and Future by Prof Dr Paul Morris (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)


13 May 2009

Tourism and Climate Change: Implication for Sustainability by Prof Dr James Higham (University of Otago, New Zealand)


5 June 2009

Concept of Tian in Chinese Traditional Culture: Comparison with Concept of God as Understood by Muslims by Yusof Ma Zhanming (PhD Student from International Islamic University Malaysia)


12 June 2009

Respecting Persons in a Pluralistic Context by Dr Vinoth Ramachandran (Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement)


24 June 2009

Seminar Ibn Arabi: The Relevance of His Thoughts in the Quest for Sustainability

Cultural Counsellorship, Embassy of Iran, Malaysia

14 – 15 July 2009

Regional Workshops for Islamic Scholars Islam and Biotechnology: Finding a Common Language Between Ulama and Scientists

Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) & Yayasan Ilmuwan (YI)

18 July 2009

Seminar Sustaining National Unity

Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN)

27 – 28 July 2009

Hokkaido-Kuala Lumpur Science Symposium 2009


29 July 2009

Futures Studies for Sustainability by Dr Elisabet Sahtouris (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from World Business Academy and World Wisdom Council, USA)


31 July 2009

A New View of Science Supporting Civilisational Dialogue or Even More Simply: Toward a Future Global Science by Dr Elisabet Sahtouris (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from World Business Academy and World Wisdom Council, USA)


7 August 2009

Philosophy of the Environment: Comparison Between Japan and the West Through the Environmental Education by Prof Dr Fumiaki Taniguchi (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from KONAN, University, Japan)


18 – 19 August 2009

Seminar The Role of NGOs in Promoting Dialogue Across Values & Cultures

Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN), Islamic Educational scientific and Cultural Organisations (ISESCO) & Kuala Lumpur City of Islamic Culture (KLCIC)

19 October 2009

Dialogue as Necessity and Opportunity by Prof Dr Leonard Swidler (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Temple University, USA)


13 November 2009

Ethnic State, Nation-State and Transnational Adaptation: Historical Processes of Changing Identity Among The Tai-Lue Community by Prof Dr Tristan Hsieh Shih-Chung (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from National University of Taiwan)


30 November 2009

Community Participation in Bioethics Discourse by Assoc Prof Dr Alastair Gunn (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from Waikato University, New Zealand)


11 December 2009

Anthropological Studies on Indigenous People in Taiwan: Three Typical Cases by Prof Dr Tristan Hsieh Shih-Chung (Visiting Scholar at UMCCD from National University of Taiwan)


21 December 2009

Seminar Concept of Dialogue


22 December 2009

Forum Inter-religious Dialogue


22 – 23 December 2009

International Seminar Peranan Pengajian Dialog Peradaban Dalam Konteks 1 Malaysia