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Graduate Research Assistanship Scheme (GRAS) is open for: 

  • Malaysian candidate ( Under IPPP grants)

  • International candidate - UnderIPPP Grant (Science Fund / Goverment Agency / Private Agency & International Grant Only)

  • Appointed as Research Assistant by the University of Malaya (at least 4 months in sequences within the semester applied)

  • Get the admission offer letter from University of Malaya.

  • Fee waiver except Examination Fee, Graduation Fee, Submission of Thesis & International Student Fee (for International Student only)

  • This scheme is valid for :
    - Two (2) years for Master programme
    - Three (3) years for PhD programme * Provided that the appointment as Research Assistant is still active within the period (at least 4 months in sequences within the semester applied*

        Note : For applying Research Assistant (RA), please refer to : 

        Institute of Research Management & Monitoring (IPPP)
        Level 4,Research Management & Innovation Complex
        University of Malaya
        50603 Kuala Lumpur
        ​​​​​Email: umresearch@um.edu.my / Tel: 03-79674654

Download here:


Application Form

Extension Form


Important: What documents do you need before submiting your application?

  1. Complete your GRAS from (Extension or new application)
  2. Important support documents ( Need to be verified by Administrative Officer Gred 41 and above/Lecturers/Supervisors)
  3. Bring your: Copy of offer letter for  Research Assistant (Please ensure that contract expiration date is more than 6 month from the new application)
  4. Bring your: Copy of acceptance letter of Research Assistant 
  5. Bring your: Copy of offer letter for Master/PhD
  6. Bring your: Copy of student Card ( If already registered)