Science Cafe April 2017: Successful Collaborations

This month’s Science Café was co-hosted in Makmal Bioteknologi Perubatan by Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. Its main aim was to learn about the successful communication strategies along with best practices for creating a collaborative atmosphere.  There were more than 30 attendees.

The event was organized around the main theme for the presentations that covered various topics. Three speakers provided the context for the seminar. Prof Datin Indra spoke about the new paradigm for dengue surveillance. Her projects would not have been as successful without the steps taken by her collaborators from Universities and Ministry of Health. Dr Chandra has identified factors that contribute to successful partnerships and collaborations through her research projects including: Communication, Trust, Team work, Inspiration and etc. Prof Jamal I-Ching Sam through his talk about cross-disciplinary research collaborations suggested six elements for successful collaborations:

1.            Right collaborator, right project? Don’t be afraid to say no!

2.            Clarify roles, credit (authorship), IP

3.            Be open and share

4.            Communicate

5.            Acknowledge/credit collaborators

6.            Stick with good collaborators


The next Science Café will take place Tuesday 9th May 2017 at Bilik Serbaguna, theme: It takes Guts to study Microbiome.

Download here:

1) Cross-Disciplinary Research Collaborations, FOM-Jamal I-Ching/Chan Yoke Fun

2)New Paradign for Degue Surveillance- Prof Datin Indra Vythilingam

3) Science Cafe Poster/Flyers