MARCH 2016: Cancer, Toxicology and Infectious Disease

The 3rd Science Cafès was held successfully last Tuesday. Forty eight participants attended the gathering.  

Prof Anthony started with brief introduction about his research interests in cancer research, more on predictive cancer biomarkers; followed by Prof Wong on advance diagnostic methods in infectious diseases and Prof Mustafa regarding endocrine distruptor and toxicology. A quote from Prof Anthony: ‘The Dept of Pathology as well as providing a dedicated service to the Hospital is actively pursuing a range of research projects particularly in the areas of; cancer, infectious disease and toxicology. The department welcomes collaboration with colleagues working in other areas in the faculty and across the University.’

Meanwhile, one of the postgraduates, Jeremy found that the Science Cafe meeting to be a very informative experience. The presenters gave a brief but comprehensive talk on their respective research interests and also highlighted possible areas for collaboration. The sharing of knowledge as well as each department’s research specialties will allow students to identify researchers that they can approach for help with their projects. The questions raised during the talk was also very enlightening and the discussion afterwards was constructive. I am very glad I was able to attend the meeting.