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Interfaith Dialogue: Gender Identity

Interfaith Dialogue: Gender Identity


22 February 2019, Friday

Auditorium, High Impact Research Building, University of Malaya



Moderator: Mdm Enizahura Abd Aziz (IKIM)


Panel 1: Tn Hj Hushim Hj Salleh (Hushim Motivational & Counselling Consultancy)

Panel 2:   Madam T. Gowri (Malaysia Hindu Sangam)

Panel 3:   Ven. Kumâra Bhikkhu (Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary)

Panel 4: Rev. Fr. Gregory Chan (Church of the Assumption, Petaling Jaya)



An interfaith dialogue programmme on Gender Identity was held by the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue, UM at the Auditorium, High Impact Research Building, University of Malaya. This programme is a collaboration with the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM). It featured different representatives from different religious background namely the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian discussing on gender identity issue.


The gender identity issue is being discussed by many organizations locally and globally. This interfaith dialogue brought the discussion away from human rights issues. Instead, it was only focused from the religious perspectives.


We hope the programme will provide a platform for the participants to strengthen respective faiths and further understand other faiths as well.


MEDIA COVERAGE: Pupuk Kepercayaan, Bimbing Golongan LGBT