Science Cafe September 2017: Epilepsy Research: A model of Multidisciplinary Teamwork

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WHEN: 13th September 2017 (Wednesday), 1-2 PM

WHERE: Lecture Hall, Medical Biotechnology Laboratory

TOPIC: Epilepsy Research: A model of multidisciplinary teamwork

BY: Prof Dr Lim Kheng Seang


The recent Science Cafe was held on 13th September 2017 at the Lecture Hall of Medical Biotechnology Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine with the theme of ‘Epilepsy and Seizures’. The main objective of this monthly event is to encourage researchers to participate in epilepsy research network and to promote collaboration among clinical and non-clinical professionals that can lead to effective treatment.


Prof. Dr. Lim Kheng Seang started the presentation titled ‘Epilepsy Research Network’ by explaining the branches of epilepsy such as economics, psychology, statistics and epidemiology. As the treatments and medications for epilepsy continue to develop, the costs can become more expensive but the effectiveness of the treatments and medications are yet to be confirmed. This is where the economists play a role. Psychosocial team comes in when there is psychosocial problems such as education, employment, depressions and anxiety in patients. Epidemiologist helps with incidence, impact and relevance of epilepsy. Prof. Dr. Lim continued his talk by explaining his studies which subsequently become mega project in Malaysia, in which his tests were translated in various foreign languages such as Indonesian. He also works on stigma issues regarding epilepsy which is to be evaluated by a scale. Besides that, he works with biomedical engineers for further advancement of electroencephalogram (EEG) test. Then, he moved on to population study and links his study with genetics as predisposition of epilepsy by involving a group of statisticians to interpret the massive study data obtained.


Prof. Dr. Lim ended his speech by saying “good research begins from understanding our own strength to solve a research problem”. He also emphasized that being curious and questioning the unknown is the key to doing research and it is what got him into research. He is also currently seeking for potential collaborators from various fields. In a nutshell, the talk was very engaging as several research discussions were brought up among the researchers. It was clear that the audiences enjoyed the event as it was a jovial talk.



Prof. Dr. Lim Kheng Seang,

Research Management Centre, Faculty of Medicine, UM

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Prepared by Habibah, Neni, Ee Jing, Yee Ling; Read by Kheng Seang




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