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Welcoming Session - 13 February 2019


University of Malaya Welcomes New International Students

By: Muhammad Fathi Rayyan



On Wednesday (13/2/2019), International Student Centre (ISC) together with Academic Administration & Services Centre (AASC) has organized Welcoming Session and Welcoming Party in welcoming the new international students of Semester II, Academic Session 2018/2019. Held in the Research Management & Innovation Complex of the University of Malaya, the sessions were organized with the objective of easing the students’ process of moving in to University of Malaya.


The Welcoming Session started with welcoming speeches by Director of ISC, Madam Salmi Marsita Shaari and Director of AASC, Madam Zarina Zainol Abidin. Madam Salmi and Madam Zarina conveyed their warm welcomes to the students and hope that they would have an enjoyable stay in University of Malaya. Following that, the students were introduced to two main students’ associations that will assist them throughout their studies in University of Malaya: ISC Global Buddies (ISC GB) and University of Malaya International Students Association (UMISA) by ISC GB’s Co-Head, Nik Abdul Hakim and the President of UMISA, Aseel Aboo Taleb.


Later on, Nur Hidayah, a member of ISC Global Buddies conducted a session on Introduction to Malaysia to introduce and familiarise the new students with Malaysia, as well as its culture and local customs. It was followed by a presentation by Rayyan and Irene on UM students’ campus lifestyle which includes the dos and don’ts as a student in University of Malaya. The students were later briefed on visa procedures by Mr. Mahadi of Visa Unit, as well as on security and safety matters by Madam Vigneshree, before proceeding to the registration process.


In the afternoon, students were immersed with Malaysia’s local cultures as they learn traditional dances together with the student buddies. Students were seen cheerful in learning the Sumazau, a traditional folk dance popular in Sabah of Kadazan Dusun tribe, as well as Malay’s traditional Joget dance. A number of students volunteered to perform the dances in the evening’s Welcoming Party. Not only that, students were also seen enjoying the contemporary dances choreographed by ISC Global Buddies team.


Student’s activities for the day was ended with a welcoming party, showcasing various performances, not only the traditional dances the students learned earlier, but also performances from various other countries. The Welcoming Party was officiated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) Professor Ir. Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Raman, in which he recalled the memory of his first days in a foreign country back in his youth. In the Welcoming Party students were also served Malaysian traditional cuisines of Nasi Lemak, Putu Mayam, Vaday, Kuih Ketayap, and the infamous Teh Tarik to entice them exploring more Malaysian delicacies during their stay in Malaysia. The one-day orientation programme ended well with students being more excited to start their life journey in Malaysia.