SCOPUS Cited Journal Papers 2015


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SCOPUS Cited Journal Papers 2015

1 ___ Awaluddin, H.H., Mohamad Nor, N.A., Mohamed Nor, H., Sharuddin, S.S., Pang, K.L., Mohamad Fauzi, N., Idid, M.R. & Alias, S.A. (2015). Biodiversity of marine lignicolous fungi from mangroves of Sulu sea. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34(1):43-57   doc______
2   Lim, J. H. & Lee, C. W. (2015). Short-timescale variation of phytoplankton abundance and diversity at Redang Island. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34(1), 2-7   doc
3   Mohd Razali, R., Leaw, C. P., Lim, H. C., Nyanti, L., Ishak, I. & Lim, P. T. (2015). Harmful microalgae assemblage in the aquaculture area of Aman Island, northen strait of Malacca. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34(1), 24-36   doc
4   Mustapa, N.I., Teng, S.T., Tan, Tan, T.H., Lim, H.C., Lim, P.T. & Leaw, C. P. (2015). Character evolution of the benthic thecate dinoflagellate, Gambierdiscus (Dinophyceae), with an introduction of the interactive key to species. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34 (1), 37-47   doc
5   Phang, S. M., Keng, F. S. L., Paramjeet-Kaur, M. S., Lim, Y. K., Abd Rahman, N., Leedham Elvidge, E. C, Robinson, A. D., Harris, N. R. P., Pyle, J. A., Sturges, W. T. (2015). Can seaweed farming in the tropics contribute to climate change through emission of short-lived halocarbons?. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34 (1), 8-19   doc
6   Phang, S.M., Mustafa, E.M., Ambati, R.R., Nik Sulaiman, N.M., Lim, P.E., Abdul Majid, N., Dommange, X., Schwob, C & Liew, K.E. (2015). Checklist of microalgae collected from different habitats in Peninsular Malaysia for selection of algal biofuel feed-stocks. Malaysian Journal of Science, 34(2): 148-172   doc

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