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This programme is offered for Malaysian applicant, who is registered medical doctor working in University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC).
The Doctor of Medicine programme offered by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya is a higher doctoral degree programme, to which the candidate must already have the necessary medical experience before application to this program.

Medical practitioners pursuing academic medicine will find it an enriching and essential experience. For non-academic medical practitioners, the possession of this training will give them an added advantage in applying the fruits of medical research in patient care.

A diverse range of career opportunities is open to holders of the M.D. degree, including university posts, specialist posts in the government and the private sectors, as well as in industry.

  1. Thesis:
    To supplicate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, a candidate shall submit a thesis (not more than 100,000 words) which must be original work on a subject approved by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty and at the discretion of the examiners be examined in such manner as the examiners think fit on the subject matter of the thesis and related subjects; 

    A candidate may not submit this thesis earlier than twenty four (24) months nor later than five (5) years after the date of his initial registration except with the approval of the Senate. A candidate shall give at least three (3) months notice in writing to the Registrar of his/her intention to submit his thesis for Examination.
  2. Research Methodology (MVX8001) (3 credits):
    (a)    Candidate must successfully complete Research Methodology Course (MVX8001) within the first two (2) semester of registering as a student at University of Malaya.
    (b)    Pass your Proposal Defense by Semester II.

A non-Malaysian applicant whose degree is from a university or institution of higher learning where the medium of instruction for that degree is not the English language and where the applicant wishes to follow a programme and/or write his tesis in the English language shall be required:

  1. To obtain a score of 600 for a paper-based total (PBT); a score of 250 for a computer-based total (CBT) or a score of 100 for an internet-based total (IBT) for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); or

  2. To obtain a band of 6 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

(1)    A Master’s degree or equivalent in relevant fields; 


(2)    Specialist qualification in clinical fields;


(3)    The degrees in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or an equivalent qualification;


(4)    At least two years working experience as a registered medical practitioners.

Twice a year in September or February.

Fee Structure for Citizen
Fee Structure for Non-Citizen
Last Updated: 16/07/2019