Name                         : Prof Dr James Winston Morris

Institution                   : University of Exeter

Date of Visit(s)          : 13 – 22 January 2004

                                       7 – 12 January 2008

E-mail                         : james.morris.4@bc.edu


Brief Biodata

Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University

B.A. in Civilizational Studies, University of Chicago

Other graduate studies: Casablanca, Morocco; University of Strasbourg; American University of Cairo; Iranian Academy of Philosophy; Center for the Study of Civilizations, Tehran.


Prior to joining Boston College, Professor Morris held the Sharjah Chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, and he has taught previously at Princeton University, Oberlin College, Temple University, and the Institute of Ismaili Studies in Paris and London. He has served as visiting professor at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris), University of Malaya, and University of Sarajevo, and he lectures and gives workshops widely throughout Europe and the Muslim world.



Name                         : Prof Dr Michael Northcott

Institution                   : University of Edinburgh

Date of Visit(s)          : 16 May – 9 June 2008

E-mail                         : m.s.northcott@gmail.com


Brief Biodata

Michael Northcott was educated in theology and sociology at Durham and Sunderland Universities. Afterwards he served in a Church of England parish in Manchester before joining the Faculty of Seminari Theologi Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in 1984. He moved to New College in 1989. He has supervised twenty-five doctoral students while at Edinburgh and former students teach at Universities and colleges in Australia, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United States.


He has given invited lectures at many universities around the world including the Claremont School of Theology, Duke University, Flinders University, Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Malaya.


He teaches courses in Christian ethics, ecology and religion, the global economy and theology, and the ethics of technology. He directs the MTh in Ethics, and is Quality Audit and Enhancement officer for the School of Divinity.


Professor Northcott's research focuses on the interface between theological ethics and the human and natural sciences. He is currently writing a book on the ethics of technology and human work entitled The Morality of Making for Oxford University Press. His other long term writing project is on the theological and ethical implications of humanly caused species extinction. He is also continuing research on the ethics and politics of anthropogenic climate change and the ethics of political economy.


Name                           : Prof Dr Tobroni

Institution                   : Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia

Date of Visit(s)           : 13 June – 4 July 2008

E-mail                         : nitobro@yahoo.com


Brief Biodata

Pendidikan Agama, IAIN Sunan Ampel Malang, 1989

Sosiologi Pendesaan PhD, UMM, 1996

Manajemen Pendidikan Islam, UIN Yogyakarta, 2005



Name                           : Dr Julie Chernov Hwang

Institution                   : California State University-Fullerton, USA

Date of Visit(s)           : 25 July – 3 August 2008

E-mail                         : Julie.chernov@colorado.edu


Brief Biodata

B.A., George Washington University, 1999

M.A., University of Colorado-Boulder, 2003

Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder, 2007


Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

State-religious group relations, Islamist political parties, radical Islamism, disengagement of jihadis, terrorist rehabilitation processes and programs,  Islamic education, ethnic politics, inter-ethnic conflict in plural societies, democratization and party politics, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey