Instrument information

Brand: Hitachi

Model: SU8220

Brief description: This novel CFE gun employs a new vacuum system and a Hitachi patented technique to greatly reduce gas molecule deposition on the emitter tip. The emitter always operates in a “clean” state, and emission current and beam stability are significantly improved. The result is the ultimate SEM electron source offering the highest gun brightness, high stability and incredible resolution performance at all accelerating voltages due to its smallest energy width. The enhanced stability and probe current provides opportunities for enhanced low voltage elemental microanalysis.
Location: L1-31, Level 1, New Chemistry Building
Person in-charge
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rosiyah Yahya / Prof. Dr. Aziz Hassan
Assistant Science Officer: Mr. Mohd Shukri Ab Aziz
Senior Asst. Science Officer: Mrs. Ruhaida Bahru (Phone no.: +603-79677022 ext: 2124)
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