RAHoLE 2017 Posters Chapter Three

CASE STUDY 1: SOLO-Based Task to Diagnose Adult Learners’ Statistical  Literacy in the 21st Century

CASE STUDY 2: Assessing Core Manipulative Skills in a Biochemistry Lab Practical Test

CASE STUDY 3: Semi-Reality Simulated Patient (SRSP) Assessment    Technique in Enhancing Students’ Learning Experience for Medical Nutrition Therapy for Picky- Eater Children with Special Health Care Needs

CASE STUDY 4: Simplified Thematic Engagement of Professionalism  Scale (STEPS): A Performance Based Assessment to Nurture Professionalism Growth in Clinical Year Students

CASE STUDY 5: Implementation of Practical Work in Engineering Study

CASE STUDY 6: Assessment of Practical Competency In Food Microbiology Course

CASE STUDY 7: Managing and accounting for learning outcomes

CASE STUDY 8: Medical Biochemistry: Enhancing Achievement in Learning Outcomes through Performance-based Assessments

CASE STUDY 9: Applying performance based assessment on Ordinary  Differential Equation using Augmented Reality (I-DE-AR)

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